CUAB EVENTS 10/11-10/17!

OH HEY Y’ALL! Just another friendly update of your CUABlog letting you know what’s up with CUAB this week.

First, bad news! John Tyler Mills, everyone’s favorite head of the Pop Culture Committee, has a virus on his computer! Oh no! It wants eighty dollars from him just like CUAB’s old blog!

Okay, now on to “real” stuff. Like Karaoke! Tomorrow! In the Union Cabaret at 8pm! There is literally nothing else I would want to be doing other than singing Prince songs in front of a jury of my peers my best friends who will be totally nonjudgmental and supportive of my decision to sing “Purple Rain” in its entirety! But seriously y’all, it’s going to be sweet. And what’s more, whoever gives the best rendition of a Passion Pit song wins free tickets to the homecoming concert (featuring Passion Pit). Here’s a hot tip: don’t pick “Sleepyhead” because everybody else is gonna do that. Instead, go for “Little Secrets,” which is secretly (PUN) the best song on that album.

By the way, that reminds us – there are still Passion Pit tickets left! If you haven’t bought tickets to what’s sure to be the hottest concert of the year, well, um, you should. They’re still only $10 for not floor seats. Unfortunately, floor seats is done sold out and stuff. When Passion Pit is literally the biggest band in the universe, you’re going to want to be able to that you saw them before they were a trend.

On Thursday at 7pm in the Union Auditorium, we’re pleased to offer a special screening of Freakonomics as hosted by Professor Ralph Byrns! The reason this screening is SO SPECIAL and SO COOL is that the Union Auditorium is going to be the only screen in the state showing the film! Featuring vignettes from directors such as Morgan Spurlock, Eugene Jarecki and Rachel Grady, this film will “explore the hidden side of everything” as the poster claims. Afterwards, Professor Byrns will lead a short discussion based on the film. Your brain will be stimulated.

AND FOR THIS WEEKEND’S MOVIES, well, have we got a treat for you. This is basically like the NBA All-Star Weekend of Union movies. On Friday at 7pm and Midnight as well as Saturday at 9pm, we are proudly presenting Knight and Day starring America’s Sweethearts Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz! And then on Friday at 9pm and Saturday at 7pm, we are double proudly presenting AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER AN M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN FILM. I bet there’s going to be a twist ending!

Okay that’s it for us, check back tomorrow night for a recap of Karaoke and on Thursday for a buncha SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS!


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