CUAB Events 10/25-10/31!

Hey everybody, hope you had a good Fall Break! CUABlog (or, well, me. Who writes the CUABlog) went to the mountains and tried to buy things at thrift stores but there wasn’t anything good for sale, so instead I thought about all of the exciting events that CUAB has in store for you this week!

First, there is a screening of Let The Right One In showing tonight in the Union Cabaret at 7pm, with FREE VAMPIRE TEETH AND SNACKS! Because there’s nothing that goes with a bleak, mystical love story about adolescent romance between an undead creature and an innocent boy than free vampire teeth and snacks. But seriously, the movie is great and everyone loves candy and not being able to sleep. So come! It’s free!

And of course, Friday in Carmichael Auditorium is the HOMECOMING CONCERT FEATURING PASSION PIT! Are you excite? We are excite. We are going to dance. If you haven’t already bought tickets there’s some still available! They’re $10 from the Memorial Hall Box Office, snag ‘em while they’re hot.

Oh by the way if you were in The (non-Passion) Pit today circa lunch, you might have seen a group of people in Green Man suits handing out flyers. And let me be the first to say, I had nothing to do with that.

On another, non-CUAB note, how excited are you for Halloween? What are you being? Rumor has it there will be a non-CUAB-affiliated flock of Waka Flocka Flameses roaming around Franklin Street yelling. There will be five of them and none of them will have anything to do with CUAB.



What did YOU do over fall break?

Which vampire film do you prefer, Twilight or Let The Right One In?

Are you excited for Passion Pit, or are you REALLY EXCITED for Passion Pit?

What are you being for Halloween? If you are being Prince will you do a better job at being Prince than Rosanne Barr?

If you saw a flock of Waka Flocka Flameses would you be excited? Or would you try to fight them?


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