CUAB Events for 11/2-11/6! Plus a Passion Pit Recap!

So Passion Pit was awesome! Did you go? Probably, because there were SO MANY PEOPLE THERE! I’m generally not a fan of gigantic concerts, but when you’re dancing like crazy at a show and then you turn around and see one hundred and eighty degrees’ worth of people going absolutely nuts and dancing their butts off and plus there are lasers, it’s just kind of amazing. You feel a sense of community that reminds you of why it’s so great to go to Carolina in the first place. So that was fun. And there are pictures! Two of them!

Anyway, the show was great and the band was really into it, which is always nice. Sometimes it’s hard to communicate a record like Passion Pit’s Manners to a gigantic room like Carmichael because the band was for the most par playing like samply-damply keyboards and stuff, but that turned out to be an asset for them because they could dance while they were playing their instruments which meant that everybody else wanted to dance which meant they wanted to dance which meant EVERYONE WAS HAPPY. And then there was the whole question of whether or not they were going to play “Sleepyhead” because it seemed like they had ended the show with “Little Secrets” but then they came back on and were all like “haha jk it’s Sleepyhead y’all!” And it was perfect.

Speaking of things that 4,000 people will also attend[1], tonight at 8pm is A Night Of Poetry with Shihan Van Clief, celebrating the re-opening of the historic Playmakers Theatre, and boy is it gonna be sweet! Van Clief is an award-winning poet who has been featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam as well as on Broadway, and also has a really entertaining Twitter account. Supporting him will be the always-entertaining EROT, who are one of the top student performance troupes in terms of all-around entertainment. And best of all it’s free!

And this weekend in the Union Auditorium, we’ll be showing the films Micmacs and Inception, which means that I’m finally able to call the weekend movies “films” and not be lying. Micmacs screens Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 9pm, and Inception screens on Friday at 9pm and Saturday at 7pm and Midnight. If you’re wondering why you’re thinking about seeing both of those films, it’s probably because I hacked into your dreams and told you to go to them. So go!

Evidently, this film is in French.

Evidently, this film is not in French.











Have a super week, y’all!

[1] Hopefully!


1 Response to “CUAB Events for 11/2-11/6! Plus a Passion Pit Recap!”

  1. 1 Olaf November 2, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    i was scared that passion pit would not play sleepy head. hate when bands think they’re too “progressive” to play their best song.

    looking at you management (MGMT).

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