Hey y’all! CUAB is super excite for what we’ve got on the pipeline for you this week.

First off, did you go to Meet, Attract, And Date The Person Of Your Dreams last night? I did! And then afterwards I actually met, attracted and dated the person of my dreams but things didn’t really work out so I broke up with them like ten minutes after I met/attracted/dated them.

ANYWAYS, here’s what we got coming up for you this week.

Gather your brooms and magic wands and wizard hats and unicorns, because Potterpalooza is upon us! IT’S GOING DOWN on Wednesday at 5:00 pm with a Quiddich Tournament being held in the Old Campus Upper Quad. The event is BYOB (Bring Your Own Broom/Butterbeer/Hippagriff), followed by Harry Potter Trivia at 7:00pm in the Great Hall. It’s going to rock your socks off. If you’re not wearing socks right now, find some, put them on, and then allow them to be rocked off.

On Thursday, CUAB is putting on so many events that it is actually irrational. At 5pm in the Campus Y Faculty Lounge, the very popular rappers Das Racist will be hosting a discussion on race, hip-hop and literally whatever else you want to talk about. And then join them at 7:30pm in Gerrard Hall for a rap concert that they’re putting on, featuring none other than DJ Fonyx and DJ Stumble! These dudes are absolutely killing it down in Savannah, GA right now and we’re really lucky to have them up here. But come on you guys Das Racist is going to be really fun! And it’s only going to cost a dollar at the door! It’s basically going to be a gigantic dance party where you’re asked to think a little bit. But not, like, too much.

Also on Thursday, author Dave Thompkins will be giving a talk at 6:30pm in room 2030 of the Kenan Music Building. Thompkins is the author of the recent bestseller How To Wreck A Nice Beach, which is a book chronicling the long and storied history of the vocoder. And his talk is free! I’m pretty sure that it’s not unfeasible to attend Das Racist’s discussion at 5pm, then Thompkins’ talk at 6:30pm, and then the Das Racist concert at 7:30pm. That would be ideal.

And if you have no interest in attending those events[1], don’t worry. CUAB has got your back yet again and will be putting on a show! We and S4Si are pleased to be presenting the first FREE UNC’s Got Talent Show in the Great Hall at 7pm! It will feature such talented talents as The Achordants, Tar Heel Raas, Catie King, Zankilwa, Group Mentality, Mighty Arms of Atlas, Johnny Fung and so many more!

On Friday, we’ve got the Second Friday Art Walk in the Union Art Gallery from 6-9pm, and then at 8pm in Memorial Hall, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for – OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW! If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, I’m sorry to say it’s sold out. But if you got tickets, aren’t you EXCITED?

OH OH OH and one more thing! November’s Seasons of Carolina Photo Contest is upon us! See if you take the prettiest picture that communicates the themes of “The Season of Change,” “The Season of Thanksgiving,” and “The Season of Unity!” And if you do the best job at communicating those themes, you get a free car! Oh, wait, I was supposed to say ten dollars. Well, you will definitely get ten dollars if you take the best picture. Submissions will be accepted at or hand-delivered to the CUAB office in Suite 3109 of the Student Union by midnight on Nobvember 30th. You guys better take some REALLY good pictures, because I will be submitting a picture of puppies eating thanksgiving dinner while giving each other a hug, and there is NOTHING CUTER THAN THAT.

And OH OH OH OH OH DOUBLE ONE MORE THING! The movies this weekend are Despicable Me, showing at 7pm on Friday as well as 10pm on Saturday, and Salt, showing Friday at 9:30pm and Saturday at 7pm and Midnight. I haven’t actually seen either of these movies, but I have been told they’re gonna be like some stuff you’ve seen before and also some stuff you haven’t seen before. So you should see them.


[1] Because this is AMERICA and some people do not like hip-hop and that is okay.



  1. 1 unccuab November 9, 2010 at 7:56 am

    oh also if you are mad about the use of gender non-neutral language in this post sorry we meant “y’all” when we were typing “you guys” but somehow our keyboard was broken but seriously y’all we meant “y’all.”

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