Holy Cow It’s Teh CUABz!!!

Hey y’all! Welcome to CUABlog, your source for all things CUAB, as well as your main source events about that other stuff that is happening as well. We’ve got a fun filled festival of fun this week, mostly concerning Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is really awesome and informative!

On Tuesday at 7:00pm in the Great Hall, we’re pleased to present Cake Love with Warren Brown! Come listen as this Food Network personality shares his story of quitting his career in Health Education and Law in order to pursue his passion for baking! This dude is basically the Kanye West of the Food Network, except better because Kanye West has never baked anything of note.

If you’ve ever wanted to help determine the direction of the University’s roadmap for innovation, Wednesday at 5pm will see the Innovate@Carolina Student Forum in the Campus Y Faculty Lounge!

Tao Lin, Very Famous Author, will be reading from his recent novel Richard Yates on Wednesday at 7pm in the Union Cabaret. Additionally, he will be fielding your questions and doing a book signing! He’s got a reputation as a riveting live speaker and is set to “blow up” in that he will get to the point that he is “not accepting Facebook friend requests from strangers.”

And on Thursday at 6:00pm in the Mandela Auditorium in the FedEx Global Center, we are proud to present Dr. David Bunn, who will be speaking on the South African Apartheid. Bunn’s talk will cover his history as part of the anti-apartheid movement as well as his Post-Apartheid work. There will be a reception afterwards with free food! I looked at the menu for this and seriously, it’s gonna be legit.

Aaaand, the movies being shown this weekend are Eat Pray Love (Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 9:30pm) and The Other Guys (Friday at 10pm and Midnight Saturday at 7pm); the trailers to both of which are below.







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