The Triumphant Return Of CUABlog!

It seems that CUABlog is always “triumphantly returning”, doesn’t it? This is DEFINITELY because we are so busy putting on sweet, awesome CUAB events and not because your loyal CUABlogger is kind of a slacker. Definitely not because your CUABlogger is kind of a slacker. Not at all, no siree.

ANYWAYS, how about some events, huh?

First off, we’ve got a Free Student Comedy Showcase TONIGHT in the Union Cabaret at 8pm! It will be hosted by CUAB’s own Vinny Tagliatela, and will feature performances by the fourteen best student comedians OF ALL TIME, TAYLOR SWIFT. OF ALL TIME[1]. Also, there will be free popcorn! And a performance by UNC’s very own CHIPS!

Feeling stressed out? Good[2]! Tomorrow, in celebration of Namas Day, CUAB[3] is offering A Day of Free Yoga! Here’s the schedule for the day:

  • 8-915 am Power Yoga – Rams Head
  • 930-1045 am Gentle Yoga – Great Hall, Carolina Student Union
  • 11 am-1215 pm Flow Yoga – Great Hall, Carolina Student Union
  • 1230-145 pm Yoga for Athletes – Great Hall, Carolina Student Union
  • 2-315 pm Yoga – Great Hall, Carolina Student Union
  • 4-5 pm Yoga – Rams Head
  • 730-845 Yoga- SRC

Deets: All Great Hall yoga classes will be taught by Carrboro Yoga Company instructors. Regularly scheduled classes at the SRC and Rams Head will be taught by their regular instructors. Class capacity: 40. First come, first served.  Great Hall classes open to all students, faculty and staff. Mats will be provided but participants are welcome to bring their own.

I think the official CUABlog plan is to skip all of my classes and do yoga for over twelve hours straight. I won’t be able to move out of the lotus position, but I will be the most relaxed a person can be ever.

This weekend, we will be showing the films Takers and Exit Through The Gift Shop. Exit… is a film by the famed street artist Banksy that deals with the ideas of “art” and “fame”, and also was nominated for Best Documentary for the upcoming Oscars!

As far as I can tell, Takers is basically the opposite of Exit Through The Gift Shop, but it’s got everyone’s favorite incarcerated rapper T.I. in it, and according to its poster, is about men wearing suits. Plus it’s got so many other people in it! Stringer from The Wire is in it! And so is Chris Brown! And Anakin Skywalker! And Paul Walker from 2 Fast 2 Furious!

Exit Through the Gift Shop screens Friday at 9:30 and Saturday at 7:00, and Takers screens Friday at 7:00 and midnight.

Next week, we have two events. On Wednesday, December 8th from 11:00am to 3:00pm in the Union Great Hall, we’ll be making Gingerbread Houses! It is truly a wonderous moment to realize that you can find a momentary respite from the soul-crushing malaise brought on by exams and papers in the form of a delicious, free gingerbread house. Come early, because supplies run out quick!

Aaaaand, on Sunday, December 12th at 3:00pm in the Union Auditorium, we’re pleased to be showing old episodes of your favorite Nickelodeon TV shows. We will also have your favorite snacks from your childhood, assuming your favorite snacks were Gushers.

And that’s it, y’all! Have a super week!

[1] By the way, have you heard the new Kanye West album yet? Holy cow!

[2] Well, it’s not good. But it’s convenient, because if you keep reading you will find out that we are offering some yoga. Or you might have saved the footnotes to the end, in which case this note was irrelevant.

[3] In conjunction with Campus Recreation and Counseling and Wellness.


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