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LiveBlogging The Psychic Readings In The Union Caberet!

Don’t look now, but there are Tarot readers giving FREE PSYCHIC READINGS in the Union Cabaret RIGHT NOW. I got a sneak peak of what was to come when I sat down with Morgan and Stahnika, a pair of psychics known as the Durham Tarot Sisters, for a short interview into their psychic processes as well as a quick reading for myself.

CUAB: How did you guys get into psychic-ing?

Stahnika: I was taken to a tarot reading as a gift, and got into it from there:

Morgan: I’ve always been obsessed with the images on the cards, and five years ago I got really serious about learing the cards and it’s been not just a hobby for us. We connected at the Raleigh-Durham Tarot Meetup Group. This is a once-a-month meeting for people who are into Tarot – professionals, people who have just started, all levels are welcome – and it just helped deepen our knowledge of the cards, and we decided just this spring to do gatherings professionally and it was ignited when we went to Reader’s Studio in New York City. It’s just been a love for years.

CUAB: And what do you guys expect to see from the students tonight? What are you anticipating?

S: Well, the way we base it is we ask what’s on the students’ minds at the moment. I suspect it’s going to be a lot of exam stuff, how they’re going to get through the semester, as well as some girlfriend/boyfriend stuff. We’re ready for anything, really.

CUAB: Is there any technique that you guys specialize in?

M: The technique is basically, we just look at the cards, put them in their predesignated position, and use that to figure out the issue, what’s causing the problem, and then the solution, and how you can take care of them. We’re just doing a three-card spread to keep it easy, keep it light, and not get into too much “woo-woo.”

I then got them to do a reading for me, answering the two issues that were weighing most pressingly upon my mind – whether it’s worth it to wear a helmet when I ride my bike even though it messes up my hair, and whether or not I should institute deeper privacy settings to my facebook account.

Morgan did my reading. She told me that I should invent a new type of helmet that wouldn’t mess up my hair because it would make my mom happy, and then that if I didn’t lock my facebook up I was going to get hit in the head with a stick, be impaled with swords, and then become an emperor.

Stay tuned to CUABlog as I find out what the psychic tells YOU in REAL TIME!

Here’s what Michelle, a Junior Environmental Science major, had to say:

CUAB: What did the psychics tell you?

Michelle: She told me to not be worried that I just dropped my math class and how I’m worried about dropping the math minor altogether, and that’s reassuring. I only got to ask one question. They’re getting pretty busy in there.

CUAB: What did you expect to hear from them?

I didn’t really know what to expect because I’d never really been to a psychic. I just tried to keep an open mind, and I didn’t know what I was going to ask until I got right up there.

CUAB: What’d you think of their psychic abilities?

It’s hard for me to judge on that one question, but she has a rock, so that’s pretty cool. She knows her tarot card facts for sure.

Next was Kinsey, 19, and a Biology major (maybe).

CUAB: What do you hope to hear?

The most creative thing they can think of…something bizarre.

CUAB: Do you have any idea what you’re going to ask them?

No. Maybe when I’m going to win the lottery? Probably not going to ask them that, though.

CUAB: They showed me a picture of a dude impaled with swords, then they said I was going to be emperor of facebook.

I think Facebook is going to be defunct soon, so you might just be the emperor of the internet.

CUAB: Are you afraid if they tell you something bad that it’s going to come true?

No, because I don’t think that what they say affects the outcome. It’s going to happen anyway. There’s nothing they can say to me that will scare me.


CUABack! Events for the week of October 4th-10th!

Hey there! Welcome to the new CUABlog, your number one source for all things CUAB-related. Our old blog got hacked by a buncha evil nerds so we’re having to start afresh. Right….


There’s not too much going on around CUAB junction this week – perhaps most importantly, though, is that tickets for October 29th’s Homecoming Concert (PASSION PIT HOLY COW ARE WE EXCITED FOR THIS) will be going on sale to the general public on Tuesday. This means you, loyal UNC student, should make sure you buy your ticket (only $10!) before Tuesday because, tickets will more than likely be sold out by the end of the week.

But here are the official events of the week:

On Thursday from 7pm-9pm in the Union Cabaret, we’re happy to offer you some free psychic readings given by the most qualified psychics in the Triangle Area, who have told fortunes for the likes of Forest Whitaker, Ellen Page, and James Van Der Beek! This is not true, but who knows? It might be! The thing is they already know you’re going to come, so you might as well make their predictions come true by going ahead and having your fortune read.

This weekend’s movies are The Kids Are Alright and Eclipse, both of which will be showing on Friday and Saturday night in the Union Auditorium. The story of a lesbian couple (Julianne Moore and Annette Bening) whose son decides to track down his biological father (Mark Ruffalo) to comedic/dramatic results, The Kids Are Alright is a funny, intelligent film that will surely appeal to not only fans of independent film, but anyone who enjoys watching a good story unfold on the screen. It got a 96% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s safe to say that a couple critics liked it.

And OMG OMG OMG ECLIPSE IS SHOWING TOO!!!! If by now you don’t know what’s going on in the Twilight Saga, then you should probably just skip ahead to the part about Upright Citizen’s Brigade coming to campus while the rest of us nerd out for a second. Basically, they left New Moon on a TOTAL CLIFFHANGER when Edward asked Bella to marry him and she was all like “Uh maybs?” BUT LIKE SRSLY WHO WOULD SAY NO TO MARRYING EDWARD HE IS SO HOT I AM TEAM EDWARD. Or maybe I’m Team Jacob? I DON’T KNOW THEY ARE BOTH SO HOTT WHO WILL BELLA CHOOSE????

If there is one thing you should know about the new CUABlog it is that we will post this picture whenever possible. Good day, sir.

Okay so if you’re a total Twihard then you obviously already know and have seen the movie and read the book about thirty times each at this point, but you should still come out because it’s going to be a great time and we’re hoping people will get dressed up and boo whenever Kristen Stewart makes that one face.

You know. This one.

Each film (LOL) will play each night, with Kids… playing at 9:30pm on Friday night and 7:00pm on Saturday night, and Eclipse being screened at 7:00pm and midnight on Friday, and 9:00pm on Saturday. If you ask us, your best bet is going to be to see Eclipse on Friday at midnight, when there’s love in the air, and also vampires in the air.

And to cap the week, we’ll have a very special performance by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade being held on Sunday from 8:00pm-9:30pm in the Great Hall, for absolutely free. If you’re a fan of comedy, then you’ve definitely heard of UCB, who are widely considered to be one of the premier improvisational comedy troupes in the nation, and have seen such comedy luminaries as Amy Poehler, David Cross, Ira Glass, Zach Galifianakis, John Lutz, and Will Farrell pass through their doors, either as guest performers or full-fledged members (or, in Poehler’s case, founders). So who knows! You could see the next Will Farrell on Sunday night! Or at least the next John Lutz. But no matter where these people take their careers in the future, they will be taking their careers and the rest of themselves to the Great Hall on Sunday, so you should see them and then laugh at them, because it will make them happy.

And that’s about it for us! Since part of having a blog is having people comment on your blog, we’ve got a few discussion questions for you to, er, discuss. This is a trick we’re stealing from other blogs so don’t worry about it.

Have you bought Passion Pit tickets yet?
What did the psychic told you would happen in YOUR future?
Who’s your favorite Upright Citizen’s Brigade alumnus?
Did you like the CUAB Blog better when it was hacked?
Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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